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 Pink Moon Farm is located in Eatonville WA in the foothills of Mt Tahoma. We recognize we are on the stolen land of the Nisqually people and are privileged to continue stewarding and working with this place. The farm itself has a mix of wet, loamy soils, with glacial and volcanic deposits reminding those that tend the land of the not so distant geological past. Building on a historic settler-family farm, Pink Moon is also grateful to the work of the most recent generation of farmers in this area.



Pink Moon Farm was started in 2016 by Grayson Crane. After 8 years of farming in Eastern Canada, and Western Washington, Grayson was able to find land in Eatonville WA nearby Mt Tahoma.

Farming skipped a generation in Grayson's family. They pull from the relationships and memories of their grandparents who farmed in Acadia, Maine, local support, and a network of other young farmers in Western Washington. Grayson hold farming as care work, and is thrilled to be in continuing this through Pink Moon Farm.

Pink Moon employs between 2 to 3 other farmers throughout the season.



Sustainable, Community Driven, Quality

Pink Moon is dedicated to producing high quality produce, meat, and eggs for the surrounding community. Whenever possible, Pink Moon prioritizes local community, and the communities that represent the farmers. We do this through partnerships with the food bank in Eatonville, local wholesalers, and connections with community organizations throughout the region.

Pink Moon is grateful for its family, supporters, farming friends, those that stewarded the land before us, and those that will steward in the future.



Pink Moon uses organic agricultural practices--we are not yet certified, and are happy to answer any specific questions you have about how we farm, what we use, and why.

Farm fertility is built on farm using sheep, laying hens, cover crops, and thoughtful crop rotation. Pests are managed through row covers, laying hen rotations, and crop planning. Weeding is an ever present part of sustainable farming--we use a mix of mulches, mechanical techniques, and use our animals to keep things clipped.

We actively work with our local conservation district and NRCS office to implement sustainable practices. The farm is conserved as forever farmland through the Washington Farmland Trust.

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