Icelandic Sheep Skin 2

Icelandic Sheep Skin 2

Available based on inventory--these skins are from our flock of Icelandic sheep, tanned at Living Sky Tannery in Idaho.


Each year after harvesting lambs, we save and tan skins--these are truly one of a kind items that are a beautiful addition to your home. Use over a chair, couch, as a pet bed, or however you'd like!

The fiber on this skin is mostly curly, black, with brown/bronze highlights. It measures 33" wide at its widest, and 39" long--making it a nice size as a throw, pet bed, or small rug. The fiber is mostly kept natural with kinks, curls and crimps throughout. Since this is a lamb skin, the fleece is very soft, and the leather on the opposite side is also quite cushy.


Sales tax and shipping to be paid by buyer upon sale. Varies based on location and will be applied at time of sale.