Lamb Quarter Share Deposit

Lamb Quarter Share Deposit

About the Animals:


Pink Moon raises a flock of 28 Icelandic Sheep. The sheep are rotated around the farm, with access to fresh grass every week. Care is taken to reduce the amount animals are dewormed and vaccinated, however these tools are used when necessary.




Lamb is available either on the whole or half animal. A cut and wrap sheet will be sent out to lamb customers for them to indicate what cuts of meat they would like if there are options. Typical cuts include rack of lamb, chops, saddle roasts, shoulder roast, leg of lamb, stew meat,  and ground lamb.


Final weights are variable, but are between 30lbs and 35lbs, Pink Moon charges $10/lb for lamb meat, regardless of cut. A deposit of $50 is required for a quarter animal, $100 for half, and $150 for full. These deposits go to the final price of the animal, which includes a $140 slaughter, and cut and wrap fee. Final prices range between $75 and $100 for a quarter depending on the weight of the animal.




Pink Moon will harvest lamb Winter 2020. Please fill out the form below to indicate your interest. Pick ups are on farm, unless otherwise arranged. Once you’ve made your deposit, refund is not available, unless your spot can be replaced by another interested eater.