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Produced from our Icelandic & Finn Sheep


$28/skein + shipping
$16/lb + shipping

Pink Moon is proud to produce high quality Icelandic and Finn yarn and fiber for sale to local and International customers. Both are available for purchase via our online shop. Yarns are also available at our market stand at the Capitol Hill Farmer's Market. All yarn is made from fleeces from our sheep, and spun at Soundview Fiber Mill in Shleton, WA.

Raw fleeces are sheared in fall, picked for organic matter by hand, and stored on farm to ensure they remain dry, and loose.




$280 to $300

Each year we harvest lambs for our meat shares and personal use. Since the animals are harvested on farm, we are able to save skins and tan them either on farm or using Living Sky Tannery in Idaho. 

Check out our online shop for the latest sheepskin offerings. Sheepskins also available depending on inventory and ability at our booth at the Capitol Hill Farmer's Market.


Fiber Products

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